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The Store Floor.

Now generating more Margin.

Floor operations are monitored live via the Scoreboard making ​the Retail Floor run faster and generate better margins

Manage floor detail and generate better profits

Instead of a paper list, staff update their progress electronically.

It’s faster, more accurate and the Scoreboard shows a Live View of

all work being done.

ShelfLink now offers floor wide Operational Modules, which can be adopted as desired.

This does not change retail,

this manages the detail to generate better profitability.

The Scoreboard makes the Floor visible

Work not done is Red. Simply touch the scoreboard to get more detail, when you want it

Employee Contribution

Performance vs Target

Which shelves were refilled

Use any or all of the Operational Modules

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Manager Rounds

Getting the Manager regularly onto ​the floor is more than a routine.

It ensures Customers are satisfied, ​employees are in good spirits, and ​everything runs smoothly, all while ​upholding quality and safety ​standards.

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Service Depts

Live visibility of these high margin ​departments highlights the available ​opportunities and issues.

Track the production quantities, daily ​Stock on Hand, amounts wasted and ​who contributed.

Product Management - Product Updates

Stock to Shelf

Automatically generated Pick Lists ​gets Stock to Shelf faster and with less ​personnel than before.

React immediately to Out of Stock ​lines or missing Price Indicators to ​ensure Shoppers can select any Item.

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Sense Customers

Customer Experience is critical - ​ensure staff are at the service ​counters and checkouts before the ​peak rush. And have staff dynamically ​called if Shopper volumes increase, ​while alerting the on-duty Manager.

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Asset Tracking

Temperature variances are high-​lighted on the Scoreboard so ​appropriate action can be taken.

Equipment servicing can now be ​tracked and mobile assets (baskets, ​trolleys) are monitored.

External Suppliers

Now you can track if the External ​Suppliers are completing their daily ​KPIs - if completed on time and to the ​required standard.

Unlock more margin

ShelfLink doesn’t change what needs to be done in the store.

It gets everybody following the same steps, sets the pace and highlights what has not been done.

The modules generate both better sales and improved margins:

  • Managers on the floor engage Shoppers, keep staff focussed and resolve Floor issues.
  • Stock Refills requires less staff as the separation of Storeroom & Shelf roles cuts the daily time wasted.
  • Improved Food Production Margins are generated by tracking scaled Item weights of daily production, sales and waste.
  • Service improvement generates an improved Shopper experience and happier Shoppers buy more.
  • Asset tracking cuts unnecessary costs - whether temperature variances indicating an issue or mobile asset theft.
  • KPIs of External Suppliers can be better managed, ensuring full contract delivery.
  • The Scoreboard offers a unique window to floor operations. The window provides two way communication and potentially ​new income streams for the Stores. It also makes multi-store management significantly more profitable.

That live operational visibility leads to staff accountability and work compliance, both of which improve audit standards and ​profitability. Issues are highlighted, so there is no searching for answers. Staff Contribution Stats are now visible for all.

Now the Floor can become a competitive advantage.

Better, at many levels

Digital is faster than paper:

Retail stores work to a routine. Stores running Shelflink get that done faster than paper based stores. Very few Staff need ​PDAs: Staff picking stock use a PDA, while most staff update work done on the multi-use Dept Touch Screen. The system requires ​the minimum number of touches so staff spend less time capturing information than they currently do with paper.

And the system is fast, really fast!

Different work Pace & Accountability:

Certain tasks must be done at specific times - now staff follow the set process and no longer set the work pace.

The Scoreboard highlights any issues and shows all work completed. Staff accountability changes the attitude to work on the ​floor and reduces Manager Staff tensions. It also means Owners can track store progress remotely and then engage the ​store via the Scoreboard.

Floor insights:

Analysis of what is working and what is failing in the store, is now available.

The system also generates an Employee Contribution Record - showing work completed & compared to their peers.

That makes some staff more valuable than others. It also gives Employees a histrorical work record when being hired.

You can change the results of your Store, now.

What does it cost ?

ShelfLink constantly improves ​margins as Stores work to reach their ​targets and the World Class Retailers ​suggest improvements that we mix into ​the solution via free updates.

It is a monthly software service.

Designed in modules so you can start ​slowly and expand. Dependent on your ​selection, starting costs are about the ​same as the cost of a Merchandiser.

So the cost of the solution is a ​fraction of the value generated.

What equipment ?

The basic equipment includes a ​Scoreboard (shows work done), Dept ​Screen (eg: Bakery input), General ​Screen (Floor Staff and External ​Suppliers) and PDAs for Stock moving ​staff.

An Internet link is required - we ensure ​internal store communication ​quality. And the devices run fast and ​are reliable!

All devices run our customized ​applications, so staff cannot use the ​devices for anything but ShelfLink.

Results by Tea time

The onboarding is simple and quick. ​We load staff names, upload your ​checklists and staff can start working ​immediately.

You see progress immediately and ​staff see how they are performing - all ​before tea time !

No more hiding. It’s Game Time !


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Manager Rounds

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Food Production ​Optimization

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Asset ​Tracking

Product Management - Product Updates
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External ​Contractors

Stock to Shelf ​Optimization

Customer ​Experience

Manage one or many stores from a single Dashboard. View Waste or Performance across Stores and see ​which of the stores perform better and why.

It’s a smart platform for Retailers to manage their shop floor, flow of product, and staff productivity.


See everything !

The Floor Score - live!

The touch screen operates like your mobile phone - touch ​and sweep to move around.

Want to see what is happening in Receiving, or if the rolls ​are ready in the Bakery or what the Manager found on his ​last round ? Check the Scoreboard.

See the last 7 days critical Tasks in red (not done) or green ​(done in time).

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Managers are on the Floor, not in the office

Don’t Expect,


Now Managers do Rounds

That means staff see oversight.

Manager comments show on the ​Score Board, providing the talking ​points & accountability during staff ​meetings.

And Audit checks are done daily, not ​just before the Audit company ​arrives, ensuring compliant stores ​and better trained staff.

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Generate more margin

Unlike fixed price products, production centres offer ​higher margins, but most stores are not certain of ​their margins or what to do to improve them.

Now stores have a live view of Food Production, ​tracking production quantities, who is doing the ​work, daily Stock on Hand and amounts wasted.

That provides unprecended insight into where the ​margins are being earned, where lost and what to ​change to improve those margins.

Product Management - Product Updates


Getting Stock to Shelf,

Faster and on Time

ShelfLink guides staff to get stock picked and to the shelf ​quickly. Whether semi or fully managed*, there is less ​walking around and talking. Shelves are filled faster.

(* only certain retail chains)

Our lighting fast platform sets the pace.

Staff are doing what they know, but now are guided and ​progress is measured, speeding up the floor work.

Move from staff-led to system-led pace.

And you know more ....

ERP systems provide an accounting view of the business, they don't offer an operational view.

But the floor is where the money is made, so you want to know what's happening and when, by who

Refill Out of Stocks and learn which Items need more frequent refills

Empty shelves annoy Shoppers and are missed sales opportunities.

Not all products are created equal - ShelfLink gets the Fast Movers refilled first

Get missing Price Indicators to shelf so Shoppers can select

Missing Price Indicators = No sale. Shoppers don’t select the product if ​they don’t know what it costs. It’s as frustrating as a Stock Out.

To reduce Waste and Damaged Goods, find the pattern

Stores are constantly writing off Damaged stock and ​Waste, which directly reduces profits. By allocating ​Waste & Damaged stock, patterns are found. ​Whether incorrect Ordering or manipulation, ​reducing either improves profits.

Poor merchandising loses sales

Not facing stock on shelf results in lost sales. ​Manager Rounds check on stock presentation ​so Merchandisers improve

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Get the Service staff ratio right

Shoppers expect immediate assistance from Staff.

ShelfLink dynamically matches Staff with Shopper numbers ​to minimize wait times.

Preventive Maintenance Outline Icon


Daily checking saves money

Assets - whether mobile (trolleys and baskets) or ​managing temperature (fridges) must be actively ​monitored.

That means more than simply checking a paper list.

It means knowing immediately if trolleys are missing ​or if a fridge is starting to change temperature. In ​both cases the loss is higher than the replacement ​cost and can be avoided with the right oversight.

The Scoreboard alerts if the count was not done or ​the Temperature is out of tolerance.

Fridge & Product Temp

and picture required

Status: Service Co ​called


Are the KPIs being completed ?

Each Retail store requires an eco-system of ​Suppliers, some of whom work on the premises.

Now you can see who is present, what should they ​be doing and what have they completed.

That provides a weekly and monthly oversight of ​whether they have completed their KPIs and lists any ​issues that needed to be confronted.

Now its clear who is working.

External Suppliers use the ​General Screen

Tasks include taking a photo, ​in App. Each Task is linked to ​the person and time done.